The lawsuit brought by Tiffany Haddish was dismissed. If you remember the actress who was 42 and Aries Spears and Arie

Spears were identified in a lawsuit brought by Jane Doe. who claimed that when she was fourteen,

Lawsuit Accusing Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany took herself to the filming of a "sexually provocative Subways commercial" and then allegedly taught her how to perform sexually inappropriate actions.

As of Deadline, the suit has been dismissed. The newspaper reports that plaintiff Tiffany has concluded her own lawsuit with Tiffany and Aries.

"My friends and family have been friends with Tiffany Haddish for years and now we realize that she won't hurt me or my brother,

or aid anyone else to do anything that could endanger our lives," this statement states.

Lawsuit Accusing Tiffany Haddish

"We hope for Tiffany all the best of health and we are happy that we've got this past our heads."

Lawsuit Accusing Tiffany Haddish

Additional allegations were raised within the suit, but the lawyers of both Tiffanyand Aries Aries' lawyers denied the allegations.

In the wake of the suit being made open to the public eye, Tiffany issued a statement about her decision to stay in the dark about the matter.