Lea Michele has been tapped to be the director of this Broadway production of the dreadful "Funny Girl" this autumn and was announced

just moments after actor Beanie Feldstein said she was going to leave the show earlier than expected because of the show's going in a "different course."

It is true that her rise to the role of Ziegfeld Follies comedian Fanny Brice -- the character Barbra Streisand was 

famously playing on the screen -- was hinted by Michele singing various "Funny Girl" songs during the time in "Glee."

Following the show's official announcement, Michele hailed her next career move, saying "a dream fulfilled would be an overstatement" on her Instagram. She didn't mention Feldstein.

Broadway is known for its smooth, quiet changes after stars leave shows -- often to ensure the safety of shows with

millions of dollars and this suggests that the backstage activities in "Funny Girl" were stressed at most.

In an unprecedented move, Feldstein took to social media on Sunday to declare that her role as the heroine in "Funny Girl" was the "lifelong dream,"

she was unable to be a part of the show due to decisions made by producers. She would be leaving earlier, on July 31.

After it was decided by the show's producers to move this show on a new direction, I took the difficult decision to leave sooner than I anticipated," 

she wrote. The post on Instagram was a hit with fans. Instagram post was particularly appreciated by Broadway veteran Ramin Karimloo,

who is Brice's love lover on Broadway in "Funny Girl" and will continue to perform. 

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