Leah Remini has an excellent reason that she couldn't be at her best friends Jennifer Lopez's Georgia wedding to Ben Affleck -she was sending her daughter to university!

The PEOPLE Puzzler host 52 shared via Instagram on Saturday that bringing daughter Sofia to school

was a "proudest moment of my life." But like many moms of students in college, their excitement was not without sadness.

"I have never cried so much in my life," Remini wrote on Saturday after her husband Angelo Pagan helped settle Sofia into her new home.

"I am only comforted by meeting other parents at Target who bonded with me over our mutual pain and pride," she continued.

"It is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I'm still torturing myself with the idea that I might have pushed my daughter on the college track because

Angelo and I were in the parking lot of the school where our daughter is enrolled and we cried like little children and we discussed

removing her from school and homeschooling her" she said. "It isn't an easy thing to let go. Change is so difficult."

In a different post in the Sunday post, the model posted a series of pictures from her wallcovering her Sofia's brand new room,

and also posing with family and friends who supported her during the huge move.

Leah Remini On Daughter's Move to College