"The King" continued his courtship of Nets Star Kyrie Irving via social media.

LeBron Said About Kyrie Irving

Following his appearance on HBO's "The Shop," Twitter user Cuffs The Legend said: "Kyrie Irving is one of the most fascinating/polarizing people alive.

He's working to sort this out, like the vast majority of us, and it's an amazing show to watch. True rebel. The growth can be seen. Dope episode."

And to which LeBron said, "He's truly so untruthful! I enjoy watching his development and progress throughout his career!

I always believed that there was more and more than just a great basketballer!" This certainly has NBA on Twitter.

All LeBron does is show his love and all he receives back is hatred," one fan broke down in tears.

LeBron Said About Kyrie Irving

"Is he misunderstood or does he misunderstand," was the question asked by another Kyrie. "Bron gotta stop associating himself with Cuffs."

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"Kyrie will be a Laker next year," another prediction. Check out the full interview Kyrie said on the most recent show "The Shop"

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