Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey is currently facing a $1.5 million lawsuit filed by her previous U.K. agency Troika and Troika

The project that is in question could be Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth entry in the well-known Marvel franchise.

Lena was cast in the film by director Taika Waititi However, her character was removed in the movie's final cut. The movie will hit on the theaters next week.

Troika says Lena is owed $500,000 in commissions unpaid in connection with her role for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Lena Headey 

reports claim that Troika was due 7 percent of her earnings for the film. If 7 percent of the total salary is $500,000 that is Lena had been expected to make $7.14 million as a result

Lena has disputed Troika's claim that they're due a commission for Thor because she said Taika has approached her directly to discuss the project.

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Troika says they are owed $300,000 due to Lena's contribution to the movie 9 Bullets and $650,000 for her work on the Showtime series Rita which was not taken up after the pilot episode was shot.

Lena has disputed the claim the claim that she owes Troika a portion of the commission from nine bullets because she claims Troika did not negotiate the contract. 

She also claims she was paid 325,000 to film the first episode the show and she isn't receiving any additional

Lena Headey 

revenue from the series since it was not taken up. She claims she has already gave $22,750 for Troika to film her role in the show..