Penn women's swimming coach Lia Thomas has been nominated for the NCAA 2022 Woman of the Year award.

Thomas was a member of the team for women at Penn after her transition, had was previously on the men's team.

She was a dominant swimmer for women in the NCAA competition over the past year, which sparked some serious debates regarding transgender athletes.

It's still unclear whether Thomas is able to compete for a place at the Olympics in the future Thomas is being praised by the NCAA.

Lia Thomas 

Thomas is one of the finalists in The NCAA Female of the Year award. She told ABC earlier in the year that she was aware that she would be under scrutiny this year.

I knew that there was going to be scrutiny of me when I competed as a female. I was ready for it," she said in the interview.

"But I don't require anyone's permission to be me and play the sport that I am passionate about.

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