Lisa Marie Presley is speaking out about how she feels after losing her son who died in the past Benjamin Keough.

In celebration of the occasion of "National Grief Awareness Day" on Tuesday, the musician 54-year-old wrote

an emotional essay on the struggles she's had to endure after Keough's suicide in the year 2020, aged 27.

This is "National Grief Awareness Day," and as I've lived with the devastating brutality of it following the death of my son two years ago

I thought I'd give a few points to consider in the area of grieving for those who are interested. If not to assist yourself but perhaps to assist someone else mourning ...

It isn't a pleasant topic for anyone and is not a popular subject to discuss. It's quite lengthy possibly triggering and difficult to deal with.

If we're to get any improvement on the topic, it's imperative that grief be talked about. Here's my perspective with the hope that eventually we can make a difference.

The death of a loved one is a part of our lives regardless of whether we want to or not. And it is also a part of grieving. 

There's so much to know and comprehend about the subject, but this is what I've learned to date: One thing is that grief will not end or disappear in any way.