Lizzo's appearance on Watch What Happens Life! is going viral for the juicy information she offered and the stories she shared.

The interviewer Andy inquired about issues such as Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker's PDA who have sent her sexy DMs, and many more.

Concerning Kourtney and Travis DDAs, Lizzo told Andy, "Let me take a seat in the middle of it." She also said that she "sat right next to them at the Met Gala and I fully loved the evening.

She said, "It's about damn time they call me." She was also asked about the sexiest person who had slipped into her DMs and she replied by saying, Rihanna.

"My chats between me and Rihanna are much more intimate, I think. We're always giving it to one another. We don't speak about work."

She was also inquired regarding Denise Richards joining OnlyFans and Lizzoresponded, "I do not know who she is.