Lori Harvey recently revealed her new way of approaching relationships. It is evident that she is the one who chooses herself and is completely focused on it.

This follows her shocking breakup with Michael B. Jordan. The model spoke out about her uncompromising approach to relationships.

Lori Harvey

The model revealed that the most important connection for her at the moment was with her. "I'm very much in a space right now where I'm not doing anything 

that's gonna compromise my peace and happiness," she shared. She added, "Don't give your power away to anybody."

I have a strong family and friends within my family," she shared. Lori added that the support she received from her family and friends helped her understand confidence in herself,

and helped her understand that "You're excellent regardless. Whatever happens, it's going to be okay.

Lori also spoke about her fresh way of approaching romantic relationships. She also discussed the traits she is looking for in potential partners.

These includes being wary of someone who is closely associated with an ex, and insisting on honesty and transparency ("be the best friends you can be").

She acknowledged that she was not very good in communicating, but she has improved since her previous relationship.