"The Lady of Pop has made an opportunity for her daughter to shine. In an Instagram post from last week, Madonna shared

how thrilled she is the daughter of Lourdes Leon is following in her footsteps. The 25-year-old released her first song, " Lock&Key," Wednesday (Aug. 24) under the name Lolahol.

Sharing a photo of the cover art for Leon's upbeat music track Madonna added her daughters' account to hers, 

and also added the red heart emoji. "I am very happy for your accomplishments, Lola!" she also wrote.

Lolahol has also been a model and a dancer which means Madge isn't the only one that the rising star has sought after.

In fact, she graduated in 2018. She graduated from the University of Michigan, where she took classes in dance.

She's very similar to "Be cautious and consider the things you'd like to be recognized for"" Leon shared.

"My mother is extremely determined to make me think about what I'd like to be remembered for, besides my appearance. This is not what I want people to be remembered by. It's not true.