"Boy Meets World." Following her stint on the show, Ward later broke into the adult film industry.

She's outlined her unique career path in a book that was released in September. 6. The memoir is titled "Rated X The Story of How P*rn has rescued me from Hollywood. "

"I think it's an empowering story for women and everyone really," Ward, 45, said to Fox News Digital. 

"It's about living your truth and not listening to what everyone is telling you to do. For so long, Hollywood was telling me that I could only be a certain way.

The industry wanted to keep me in some box. I reached a point where I just wanted to do my own thing.

I'm now my authentic self. There are always going to be people who will try to pigeonhole you, especially as a woman.

For me to break out has been so liberating. I think that's true for anyone in any industry. My story just happens to be a little more scandalous."

Ward explained. "It was an odd thing to walk into a set that had been such a well-oiled machine and where they had grown up on the show. 

Everyone was established and knew how to work with each other. I was coming in for the college years,

and I was nervous about that. But I was accepted... and I had a great time on the show."

Maitland Ward explains why she left Hollywood