Mandy Moore revealed she'll be having unmedicated birth when she has her second child this fall.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore opened herself up about her inability to get an epidural during pregnancy due to an autoimmune disease known as immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP).

Moore along with her spouse Taylor Goldsmith are already parents to 17-month-old son Gus and her husband Taylor Goldsmith. She also delivered without medications due to the condition.

My platelets aren't enough for an epidural." Moore shared. "It was a disaster. But I'm able to do it again. I'll be able to climb the mountain once more.

She added she wished that medication was an option. Even the thought of it being in the open is wonderful. We'll push on as we did the last time.

I am fine. It's just a matter of continuing to have my blood tested and my platelet levels tested throughout my pregnancy.

They're not high but they've always lower," Moore said, according to the Today newspaper. "But I'm doing fine. Everything's good.

In the words of Mayo Clinic, the condition could "lead to excessive or easy bleeding and bruising.

Mandy Moore

The bleeding is caused by unusually lower levels of plateletswhich are the cells that aid in making blood clots.