Manti Te'o the catfishing scandal that formed the basis for the Netflix documentary "Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist," has said recently that he does not plan to play football again.

Te'o played as a prominent player at linebacker for Notre Dame and a 2012 Heisman Trophy finalist after the catfishing controversy came to light.

It was later discovered that he had an online connection with someone that claimed to be Lennay Kekua. The person who claimed to be Lennay Kekua was later discovered as Ronaiah TUIASOSOPO.

The documentary follows college football fans back to that period and the pressures that Te'o was under during that time.

Te'o was recently seen out and out and about strolling with his pup at the beach in San Diego and was asked what his plans for the future were, including the possibility of a return to football.

He was a second-round draft pick from the San Diego Chargers in 2013 and was later a member of the New Orleans Saints and briefly for the Chicago Bears.

"That's not the most important thing on my mind right now," Te'o informed reporters about his plans as walking with his dog.