She captioned the post, "I'd really like to be grateful to my parents for not changing my gender as I was going through my tomboy phase. I am in love with this girly world."

Brittany's comments rapidly grew with admirers who praised the post. Lara Trump even posted two smiling faces sporting heart-shaped 

Maren Morris

eyes emoticons and their husband Jason added, "Lmao!! I'm glad they didn't as we wouldn't have had a chance to work out. ."

A country music star Cassadee Pope later took on her Instagram Story, along with Twitter, and tweeted a response to Brittany's post

Maren Morris

"You'd believe that celebs who own cosmetics companies would recognize the positives of including LGBTQ+ persons in their marketing.

Instead, we're listening to someone compare their "tomboy" phase' to someone looking to make the transition. Real nice."

On Twitter, Morris responded to Pope's tweet, saying "It's easy to, like to not be a scumbag human being? Get your clip-ins sold and zip it up, Insurrection Barbie."

The Pope's response criticism was declaring she believed that "Advocating against the practice of genital matrisection and 

sexual abuse of children in the name of love, and calling it 'gender affirming treatment is among the most vile crimes.

She said, "The other day [sonMemphis] Memphis would like to become a dinosaur and in the coming days, [daughterNavy] Navy is going to wish to be cat. They're children."