Martin Sheen would rather the audience know the true name of his character, Ramon Estevez, in the credits of Apocalypse Now

This is a regret I have." said the singer to Closer Weekly in an interview they published Saturday when they asked him whether he regretted changing his name.

I have never changed my name in any official way. It's Ramon Estevez on my birth certificate. This is also on my marriage permit as well as my passport and driver's license.

Sometimes, you are convinced that you're not equipped with the right knowledge or courage to be a voice for what you believe in and you'll pay the price later on.

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Of course, I'm speaking about myself. "Sheen earned his first acting credits professionally in the 1950s when she was still a teenager.

When I moved into New York in 1959, there was an awful predisposition against Hispanics,

Martin Sheen

The majority of the time, I was in opposition to much of the Puerto Rican community that I loved and was very much a member of the Hispanic population," said Sheen

Sheen stated. When he first started the first time, his agent advised that he change his surname to Sheen and he refused to do it. I am glad that he did not.