Social media exploded with anger and disappointment shortly after Sabra's appearance in "Captain America, New World Order" became public.

Many of the protests were triggered by Palestinians and Palestine supporters who disapproved of Sabra's appearance on screen while the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine continues.

The New York Times reports that many believe her MCU appearance to be an indication that Marvel Studios has decided aside. 

She is canonically a Mossad member, one of Israel's most prominent intelligence agencies.

Sabra for Captain America

Marvel Studios issued a short statement to quell outrage about Sabra's inclusion in "Captain America," the film's upcoming sequel.

Marvel Studios released a brief statement saying that while our stories and characters are influenced by comics,

they are constantly reimagined for today's audiences and are based on current events. It is still unclear how the new Sabra will be incorporated into the film's plot, 

whether she'll feature prominently, and if she'll make an appearance in future MCU productions.

Sabra for Captain America