ER Star Mary Mara has died after being reported to have drowned in the water. who was in Ray Donovan, was found in the St Lawrence River by New York State troopers on Sunday.

Police believe that Mara drowned while swimming, however, the investigation is ongoing and her remains were taken to the Jefferson County Medical Examiner's Office to undergo an autopsy.

The cause of her death remains undetermined. An initial investigation found no evidence of any foul play.

Numerous tributes have been offered to Mara in the wake of her death. Manager Craig Dorfman told Variety: "Mary was one of the most beautiful actresses I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I can still recall seeing her perform in 1992 on stage in "Mad Forest" on Broadway. She was funny, electric, and an absolute individual. People loved her. She will be missed.

She was slogging through the aftermath of Chemo. Brave, brilliant, Uber-talented. Earth isn't as vibrant without her. R.I.P."

Mara was a Syracuse native who resided in Cape Vincent at the time of her death.

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She shared a collection of photos of her spending time along her favorite river, the St. Lawrence River.