It is believed that the Green Bay Packers offense will look completely different in 2022. The loss of your first and second wide receivers

from your depth charts is going to result in this. Davante Adams is currently receiving the passes of Derek Carr in Vegas.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling is playing with Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City. This means that Allen Lazard and (likely) Sammy 

Watkins will be competing for the top wide receiver position. But Green Bay's offensive is expected to be much more extensive than

the players who line up at the WR1 position. LaFleur made a very telling statement about the wide receivers at Green Bay.This certainly has NBA on Twitter.

What number of times do you know about an offense lacking the best receiver? Can Green Bay really make it work this season?

Do having a strong running back and defense really make a difference? These are the kinds of questions that are being continuously asked. 

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Green Bay needed to make some significant changes at the position of wide receiver in the off-season.

The team certainly made some adjustments, but how important the changes were remains to be determined.