This offseason, the Brooklyn Nets were the team to be watching. After missing the 2021-2022 season due to injury, 

Ben Simmons' debut with this squad is imminent. Kyrie Irving was also left uncertain as he looked for trade options.

Kevin Durant, however, really shook things up when he asked for a trade one year after signing a multi-year extension.

The league was shocked when Durant made his trade request. Even though Durant announced his desire to leave,

the league was abuzz with rumors about how many people were interested in a trade that would land him the future Hall of Famer and superstar forward.

Philadelphia Sixers fans were there to witness the action. They wanted James Harden's ex-teammate to be signed by the Sixers,

but they also acknowledged that Tyrese Maxey is a young star with tremendous upside.

Maxey Trade Rumor

Maxey said, "I'm glad you smile," "No more crying!" "No more crying! Maxey will not be leaving the Sixers, which is good news for the young fan.

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The Nets are demanding a Durant trade and Philadelphia's inability to draft any assets will not allow the Sixers to be near the top