Has Megan Fox and Machin Gun Kelly's dual flame-fueled romance come to an end? Rumors are presently going for walks rampant purporting that Fox and Kelly have parted ways.  

According to Gawker, there are some reasons why it is being speculated that Fox and Kelly, whose actual name is Colson Baker, have broken up.  

One of the massive reasons at the back of the hypothesis is because of the truth that Fox hasn't published Kelly on her Instagram feed since May.  

Although, it must be mentioned that the musician has been on his Mainstream Sellout tour because of early June.  

Megan Fox

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

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So I ask things like that." To add to all the hypotheses, celeb gossip site Crazy Days and Nights published a blind object in early August

that claimed that a "break up announcement between the 3 named rapper/singer and the actress is imminent,

Megan Fox