Megan Hilty has confirmed the deaths of her brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephew in the crash of a plane.

The night before, Smashstar 41-year-old shared an emotional post on Facebook in which she expressed her sorrow for her family members who passed away earlier this week.

In a post on Instagram, she posted a photo of her sibling Lauren Hilty, brother-in-law Ross Mickel as well as their child Remy, Hilton speaking for the first time about the sudden deaths.

"On Sunday afternoon, a small float plane crashed into Puget Sound off the coast of Whidbey Island.

My beloved sister Lauren, brother-in-law Ross and baby nephew Remy were on that plane," she started.

Megan Hilty

"To make this news even more devastating, my sister was eight months pregnant and we were expecting to welcome baby boy Luca into the world next month."

She added, "The last three days have been the worst of our lives. There are truly no words to appropriately convey the depth of our grief."

Megan admitted that she wasn't planning on speaking out about the loss but she felt that she had to do so after

the news that her "sweet nephew" was "misgendered" in the media and "some haven't even mentioned baby Luca."

She also said that Ross as well as Lauren were buried by their child "who we are all holding in our hearts."

Megan Hilty 

"Thankfully, she was not on the plane and we ask that her name and personal information be kept private as she is a minor," said Megan.

The Broadway star said, "It is important these details be corrected to respectfully honor everyone we've lost and the loved ones they've left behind."