In the most recent installment of Meghan's Archetypes podcast, which is titled "The Stigma of the Singleton with Mindy Kaling,"

the two women talked about their experiences in high school, and the Duchess of Sussex called herself kind of an "ugly duckling."

"Look, maybe not conventional beauty as, maybe that would be seen as beautiful but massive frizzy curly hair and a huge gap in my teeth that," 

Meghan Markle

Meghan declared. "I was the smart one. Forever and ever and ever and ever. And, and then just sort of grew up."

In a separate point of the discussion, Meghan talked about her admiration for Archie comics she said that "my son is not named after Archie comic books,"

the mother of two pointed out she was she's "way more Betty than Veronica:" "I was the smart one, not the pretty one."

Meghan stated that, while attending the all-girls Catholic high school Immaculate Heart through middle and high school, she was active to avoid awkward lunchroom environments.

But I've never had someone to share a meal with for lunchtime. I was an a bit of a loner, and also really shy and didn't really know where I belonged," Meghan said. 

Meghan Markle Dinner

"And I was a newbie, and I thought"OK, so I'll be the President of the Multicultural Club and the president of my sophomore class,

and also being the head of that and the French club. In addition, by doing this, I was able to attend sessions at lunchtime.

Therefore, I didn't need to think about who would be sitting with or what I'd do since I was always so busy.