Meghan Markle 41 is being supported from the perspective of Good Morning Britain forecaster Alex Beresford, 41,

who addressed her recent remarks in a recent interview regarding her wedding being compared with Nelson Mandela.

Her Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex spoke about a conversation she had with a participant of The Lion King live-action team and told her in the year 2019: 

"When you married into this family, we rejoiced in the street the same we did when Mandela was freed from prison."

There is some mystery surrounding Meghan's claims that a composer who was involved in the production claimed he had a conversation with Meghan for "less than a minute" during the premiere in 2019.

South African Lion King composer Lebohang Morake, known as Lebo M, has said that he "does not remember" discussing Nelson Mandela with Meghan at the time of the event.

The meteorologist disproved that the duchess of Sussex was comparing herself with her late South African president and activist.

With regard to his followers of 244,000, Alex explained the Lion King cast member had made reference to their own opinions about the royal wedding . Meghan just repeated the statement.

He wrote: "So Meghan Markle compared herself to Nelson Mandela? No, she did not!

Meghan's critics shut down by GMB