Michael Jackson died 13-years-ago on June 25, 2009. People all over the globe were affected by the star's sudden and unexpected death, especially those closest to him.

Lisa Marie Presley was one of these people. Although she had only been married for a very short time (26 May 1994 to 20 Aug 1996), the love and affection between them were still strong.

Lisa Marie recalled: "I was so far from him that he could feel it, and hear it. I was very distant. He wanted to ask me if I was correct about many people around me.

Michael asked Lisa Marie the most difficult question she had ever heard, in a tragic twist of events. He wanted to know how she felt about him.

She replied, "I told him that I was indifferent and he didn’t like that word." Michael revealed that he was concerned about his future. He was also worried about his legacy.

She said that she didn't know how to deal with it. Lisa Marie recalled the moment Michael died, reliving it with her ex-husband.

She described how it was an unusual day, and that she was already feeling very emotional. She said, "I don’t know why." "But it was my strangest day in my entire life.