Nayte Olukoya is revealing details about his breakup with Michelle Young. In the most recent show of The Viall Files podcast

"I broke up with her over the phone. You don't want to break up with someone, especially your fiancee, over the phone," 

Nayte admitted. "... This was the weekend of her birthday. We're all on the streets of L.A. because she and I were invited to the Wango Tango event.

At the beginning of the weekend, the situation was a little difficult. Then it got difficult. Wango Tango happened. I and she got into an argument before going to the interviews

Then, Nate claimed, "it was such a build-up" leading to their eventual split. "Long story short, the weekend was not a good weekend. She and I are up late having very deep conversations.

I think the day before I was having very deep conversations with her friends too because her friends weren't having a good time either. It was just a bad weekend for everybody," said he stated. 

"... The final day on the last day in L.A., the conversation seemed to be heading towards the possibility of a breakup.

This wasn't the first time to have a breakup conversation. It was possibly the third time we had an argument about breaking up."