Ezekiel Elliott has been the most impressive run-back of the Dallas Cowboys since the year 2016.

Mike McCarthy makes decision

For the past six years of his time with the team, he's not been in a position to compete to be the first choice for the starting position. Until now.

Tony Pollard has been associated with the Cowboys since 2019 and although the backup has been solid, however, 

his performance has improved over the last couple of years. In fact, he's got an argument to be the first to start games against the more established Elliott.

Along with enjoying a wonderful Training camp Pollard also has left his head Coach Mike McCarthy a difficult

decision about which back will be the best choice at the top of the list for playing back with the Cowboys. In the afternoon, McCarthy offered his response that was...both.

It's not a complete fake, but perhaps McCarthy is serious about this and it's an actual "running back by committee" scenario. 

Find out who was more productive during the week , and then go with the player who has the most power.

This could lead to some discord within the team playing, but it keeps opposing teams on their toes when they do not know which running back will be starting.

It could be that McCarthy may have somebody in mind as the clear No. one, but did not want to make it known to the world.

If you've got one or both of these players on the fantasy league, you'll have a lot of trouble finding out who's the starter.