The boxing famous Mike Tyson is no stranger to uttering outrageous and bizarre things. But recent comments that he made have left many people worried.

On his latest Hotboxin' Mike Tyson podcast, Tyson started to feel very depressed and remarked that everyone dies one day.

However, he later said that he glanced in the mirror and noticed "those little spots on my face" and realized Tyson could soon die.

Everyone will pass away one day, naturally," Tyson said. "Then when I examine myself in the mirror and

notice those tiny marks on my face. I think, 'Wow!. This means that my expiration date will be coming close, very soon.

Fans of sports were disappointed to hear that the issue has been causing concern for Tyson.

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Many expressed hopes that Tyson will live a long, healthy, and happy life. Mike Tyson is a cultural iconic figure,

but he's committed a number of errors in his lifetime. He's been arrested numerous times in his lifetime and has spent a few years in prison.

There were moments in Tyson's career where people were able to be concerned about whether he'd reach forty, or at least 56.

In the end there's no indication that Tyson will be leaving anytime soon , unless Tyson is hiding something from the general public.

He recently returned to arena for a long-awaited match against Roy Jones Jr. after several years of being out of the boxing.

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The day that Tyson is finally gone will be a very sad day for the vast majority of sports world.