In 2013 Miley Cyrus made the decision to adopt veganism following the tragic death of her dog, Floyd,

who she observed being killed by coyotes. The decision to go vegan was logical for the lover of animals who was deeply traumatized after the tragic incident.

One year after adjusting her food habits, the celebrity advocated for a vegan lifestyle on her social media followers 

and publicly criticized the fur industry using her status as a celebrity to influence other people.

A well-known model who has several tattoos In 2017 she debuted two tattoos that are vegan to the wrists' back. One tattoo reads 'Be Kind" while the other is an image

The posts on her social media pages included messages that read "Vegan for life". She also added pictures of animals,

alongside # loveanimalsdonteatthem. She was also thrilled to talk about her motivations for going vegan.

Miley Cyrus 

Miley said to Rogan that she was crying when her the ex-husband Liam Hemsworth cooked a piece of fish on the grill for her

when she realized that she had to eat animal protein. She explained to Rogan that it was a painful incident.

She also said that since incorporating gluten-based foods and fish to her daily diet she's found that she is "much more focused," and that many of her health issues disappeared.

She also said on how she came to realize that in order to play on stage for long periods of time she required the fats and proteins from fish,

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something that " unlimited number of avocados could never provide.