The Wisconsin anchor of the news who passed away through apparent suicide previously had a devastating

heartbreak in her life when her high school friend died due to a rare form of brain cancer in the year 2016.

Neena Pacholke suffered tragedy

Neena Pacholke who was due to get married in just two months had lost her first partner, Jordan Harris when she was only 18.

Harris was diagnosed with neuroectodermal tumors of primitive origin in the year 2011. After two distinct bouts of fighting cancer,

he passed away from the illness just before they were scheduled to begin their first year at the University of South Florida.

It was the WAOW anchor who passed away on Saturday and was cherished by colleagues and family members for her warm smile and positive outlook

she spoke about the loss of her first love in an interview that was shared by the Moffitt Cancer Center in the year 2016 Three years after Harris passed away.

I only remember being there with everyone around him. I can remember holding his hand when he died. I knew it would be difficult, 

but I always assured him that I'd be with him throughout the whole process", Pacholke told me.

Neena Pacholke suffered tragedy

The writer also discussed her love for her husband and desire for more funding for children's cancer in her blog that she published in that time, which was entitled "Kids are also affected by cancer.

It is been 13 months and 18 days since my beloved received his angel wings after suffering from an extremely rare type of cancer in the brain.

He is the driving force for my blog's topic and will always be the main reason behind everything I do in my life," she wrote in a single post.