Ezekiel Elliott was looking sharp in Week 1. Elliott, who was the former No. 4 overall selection showed plenty of speed and showed off his signature

"Ezekiel Elliott ran between 5 and 7 yards on eight out of his ten runs ... in the game against. Buccaneers. 

In the last season, when he was injured in the knee the player played 11 consecutive games (Weeks 6-17)

but did not record any gains of five or more yards during the same game. Good sign for the run game."

 Ezekiel Elliott 

The NFL world was reacting to Zeke's good performance through social media. "10 touches is a crime," one player said. "Trash call all game. Smh."

"A regrettable aspect of the game last night was that it appeared like these positive gains were immediately followed by a penalty,

which effectively eliminated the positive run" tweeted one Cowboys fan. "Sloppy." "Gotta feed him but gotta score points."

Ezekiel Elliott

"And they mysteriously walked away from him, despite the fact that no other method was working," another replied.

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