Gisele Bundchen has been reported to threaten to quit Tom Brady during arguments between the couple who are famously married.

Gisele Bündchen

"It seems that Gisele gets mad and says things like she's leaving him, but in the past, they've always made up," Page Six writes. "But maybe this time it is more serious."

Brady who is 45 years old, has chosen to continue playing in the NFL despite having retired earlier in the year.

Gisele is probably the most-fascinating supermodel of all time She was reported to be unhappy about the choice she made.

"Gisele isn't with Tom. She went back to Florida to spend time with her children, but she hasn't visited the home they share in Tampa.

Tom is hoping that they will be able to reconcile. Gisele has informed him that she's already left him after the breakup, and they've always come to an agreement after she had cooled off,"

Yikes. Conflict in relationships isn't what you'd want to be facing prior to an entire year of NFL football.

Gisele Bündchen

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"It all stems from his decision to un-retire," one fan wrote. "Yikes. This is getting worse and worse,' a fan said.