Former NFL star who became a politician Herschel Walker made numerous eye-catching remarks about the presidential campaign this year.

In the last month, one of the Georgia Bulldogs legends, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat out of Georgia has made a scathing comment about inflation.

The week before, a video of Walker declaring that inflation is bad for women due to the fact that "they gotta buy groceries" was viewed by millions of people.

Walker's initial comments were made in August earlier. The clip, as you can imagine, does not go over very well.

"Herschel knows everyone buys groceries, not just women, right?" One fan wrote. "Every day, the trade appears to be bleaker for the Vikings",' a third NFL fan laughed.

"As a woman, I have tears in my eyes. Finally, there's a man who understands what's really important to us. I feel seen," one fan said in a sarcastic tone.

Walker appears to be in a tight race to get his U.S. Senate seat out of Georgia.

NFL World Reacts To Herschel Walker's  opinion

He's possibly the Bulldogs most outstanding player of all time and it's fascinating to see how the crowd votes for him.