Nicholas Brendon is recovering from a "cardiac incident" earlier this month. It was reported that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor's sister posted

an update about Brendon's situation via the actor's Instagram page, where she said that he needed to be taken to an emergency room.

Nicky sends his love and wanted me to apologize that he hasn't been going live as much lately and to give everyone an update," 

"Nicky is doing fine now but he had to be rushed to emergency about two weeks ago because of a cardiac incident (tachycardia/arrhythmia).

You may recall an incident similar to his following his second surgery on his spine in the year 2000. (for Cauda Equina)," she continued.

Brendon has a Cauda Equina condition which occurs the condition where nerve roots of the lumbar spine become restricted in the range of motion and sensation.

"But this time," his sister explained, "he is trying to take a bit of rest and is now focusing on appointments with doctors.

The post included several photos of the actor aged 51 in the ambulance and in the hospital being treated.