If there's anyone who has the ability to give the media an interesting rant after a huge victory that's Alabama Head coach Nick Saban. The other day, he delivered another one of his best.

After being asked about the situation of Emil Ekiyor as a left guard and his position at the bottom of the chart Saban started a tirade

about how bad an official chart of depth has turned out to be to his team. He suggested that he not release an official depth chart to end the endless questions.

"Now, if Emil didn't miss 5 days of practice, I'm not sure who would have started at left guard," Saban declared.

"Because the competition is fierce at each spot that's a good thing. My biggest concern is that this could become the very last chance you have.

My biggest problem with my entire team was on the day the depth chart was released and you might have seen the previous one.

It's possible that you saw the previous one. Because that's all you're concerned about."

Nick Saban Post-Game Rant

Like so many other things Saban has to say, he's attracting plenty of praise for taking a stand on the media in this manner.

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However, some fans - especially Texas supporters - seem upset with the fact that Saban is receiving praise even as Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian got roasted for saying the exact similar thing.