"Anaconda," the "Anaconda" rapper defended the pop star in the midst of her ongoing fight with her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Do you know the type of clown you must be, in order to be a full-fledged f-king man?


And whenever you see someone content with their life and being married or moving onto the next step, 


and enjoying themselves and feeling comfortable in their personal space," she said, in reference to Britney's

celebrity-studded marriage together with Sam Asghari earlier in the summer. "To perform the exact thing you're sure will attempt to tear them down.

Nicki said, "Only cowards use the media to attack a celebrity whom they used to love.


who worked who collaborated with Britney who collaborated with Britney on an album remix in 2011 that included Britney on a remix 2011 of "Till the World Ends,"

was later accused by Kevin of profiting from his ex-wife's fame to create the source of a "constant 'gotcha' moment," noting, "You think it's OK? Do you think that anyone will feel bad to you?"

Insisting the idea that Britney is a wonderful mama and who "loves her kids more than life itself," Nicki was concerned about how Kevin's remarks could influence their teenage sons.

What are you doing to encourage the children of this woman to participate in your deceit?" she asked.

"They're children, they don't realize the harm this can cause but they already know. Let her be the f--k she deserves.