Olivia Rodrigo's fans have expressed their anger in mass on social media, following reports that she's started a romantic romance with a music industry executive seven years older than her.

Users have reported this week that Rodrigo 19 is dating Zack Bia, 26, since mid-February. A source told the publication that Zack Bia and Rodrigo "really like each other."

While no additional details were provided, the news quickly made its way onto Twitter and Twitter, which was where a string of fiery remarks was made about 

the difference in age between Rodrigo has been than Bia co-founder of the independent record Label Field Trip Recordings.

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According to People, award-winning singer Rodrigo had a relationship with music video producer Adam Faze, who was 25 Per People reported that they split in February.

The new report on the romance was announced on Twitter the platform, and a significant number of users expressed their displeasure with the romance due to the age gap.

Sharing their opinion on the report, one person commented of Rodrigo: "SHE NEEDS TO START DATING PPL HER AGE."

Stated another: "Dating someone you couldn't even go to the bar with is crazy. Her age still in the teens like no way."

"Me that is going to be 26 in a couple of days, the thought of being, let alone 19? Someone that's barely an adult," they commented, adding a vomiting emoji.