Oprah Winfrey is to the extreme for her dad! The media billionaire, 68, commemorated the Fourth of July on Monday, throwing the father of her children, Vernon Winfrey at a surprise celebration.

In the video she posted on Instagram, Oprah said that even though she hosted an outdoor barbecue, the actual purpose behind the event was to host a Vernon Winfrey Celebration Day.

My father has a serious illness and we want to make sure that everyone from his circle comes and honors him while he's receiving

When asked by her closest acquaintance Gayle King If she is "excited" over the event, Oprah said, "He isn't aware that this is meant for him."

"He believes it's something to do with a Fourth of July tradition," she continued. "He isn't sure ... He's going to go out and look around."

The video was then wrapped by showing her father enjoying moments in the place he knew best. "My father is a barber and we placed him in the barber's chair"

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she explained while showing her father in the backyard, sitting down.