Orlando Brown has many people in a state of confusion after making an odd statement regarding Bow Wow during an interview with Funny Marco. 

Brown was astonished by the comment during the time that Funny Marco asked him when the last time he viewed 106 & Park was.

Former "That's so" Raven star initially said he had watched the show "the most recent moment it was extremely hot ... the time Lil Bow Wow was on there."

The funny Marco Then asked Brown whether he had any "problem in Lil Bow Wow."

Orlando Brown Comment Bow Wow

"I have no issues regarding Lil Bow Wow," the former child star said. "Lil Bow Wow has an explosive p***y."

While some are responding to Brown's comments in a humorous manner, others are worried about his condition.

Following the latest interview, people reminisced about previous comments Brown previously made, such as the time he claimed it was because Nick Cannon gave him or*l s*x.

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As per AllHipHop, Cannon replied to the post in 2020, stating that he's in prayer for Brown.

Orlando Brown