In an interview in an interview Entertainment, Tonight published Tuesday, the man who produced the 2022 Academy Awards

shared his thoughts regarding Smith's video apology to Chris Rock for slapping the comedian during the ceremony.

I am awestruck by the fact that he's so open about his decision-making process, Packer, 48, said to the publication. "He is very open and honest about his regrets.

I'm convinced that he's spent thirty years in the business of being completely different from who was he in those brief seconds. So I'm pulling for him. he said.

The previous month this month, Rock, the King Richard actor posted a video of apology to Rock 57 following the incident

Will Smith

in which he punched the comedian on the stage during the 94th Academy Awards in March.

Will Packer Responds to Will Smith

In the video, Smith, was quoted as saying "I will tell the person you are speaking to, Chris, I apologize to you. My conduct was not acceptable and I'm always available when you're ready to discuss.

He said, "I've reached out to Chris and the response received was Chris isn't in the mood to discuss but when he is he'll reach out..