When MLB announced that Fernando Tatis Jr. will be suspended for 80 games for violating the league's performance-enhancing drug policy, it caught the entire industry by surprise. 

This is not just Tatis's Padres teammates and teammates, who were clearly disappointed with the team's shortstop.

He's just a kid. He'll be taught lessons, or whatever," Musgrove said. "But in the end, I think you have to show 

some regret and begin to show us that you're devoted to the cause and you're willing to stay there.

Padres Star

The Padres had planned to add Tatis to their already impressive active roster in order to get into the playoffs with a strong run.

Check out this clubhouse," Clevinger said. "We aren't really in need of anyone other than us. It is nice to have someone else,

but we do not require anyone other than us. We have all the people we need right here.

Padres Stars Call Out Fernando Tatis Jr.

In lieu of Tatis Ha-Seong, Kim will probably remain the team's first shortstop for the remainder of the season.

In the 105 games played, Kim has a .699 OPS with six home runs and 40 RBIs all while playing a strong defensive role.