The members that make up the Charleston crew learn the status of their lives when they last appeared on the show.

In one of the most poignant scenes of the show, we learned more regarding Patricia Altschul's long-time right-hand man, Michael Kelcourse, and his medical journey.

Marc Mena cut Marc Mena styled the " Mindy Project" creator's hair into one long braid that was wrapped around her shoulder, and makeup creator Eva Kim gave the model a summertime glamour style.

The fans will remember the time Michael was diagnosed with a severe spinal cord injury, often referred to as the cervical cord injury.

Michael suffered what is known to be a stroke of the spinal cord and he was crippled from chest to foot down. This hit me right in my heart." She said on the first episode.

After the stroke of the spinal cord, Michael, who is popularly referred to by his nickname of Michael the Butler to the Southern Charm fan

Patricia acknowledged how difficult it was to not have Michael around considering how long they've been friends. "I'm still shocked by the whole thing because he had been with us for 18 years,"

she told the media. "My longest marriage was 15 years, which means Michael is the most stable and steady relationship that I've been in.

In the film the son of Patricia, Whitney Sudler-Smith was in the home helping her in various chores like caring for her dog

He: "I had a job I enjoyed and a lovely woman to work with. Her son was always laughing with us. He has an amazing sense of humor.