Penelope Cruz turned heads in two stunning styles during her appearance at the 2022 Venice Film Festival this weekend!

The actress, 48, wore an embroidered checkered flag dress for the photocall of her film "L'immensita and then changed

venice film festival 2022

into a vibrant black and vibrant pink style for the screening this the 4th of September (September 4,) on the 4th of September in Venice, Italy.

The story is set in the 1970s. L'Immensita revolves around Clara the mother of three children who is battling a violent Italian husband and is placed in a mental institution.

"I don't think my character is crazy at all," Penelopeshared with Variety. "She is trapped within her family.

In her home and in her body. In the circumstance in which she is living. There isn't a plan B. There's no way out."

She said Clara is "oppressed in various ways. She simply cannot endure it any longer. There are numerous women in the world who

are locked in their homes, and who play pretend before their children. They attempt to convince themselves that the situation isn't as terrible. 

They do this in order to live." The facts: Penelopewore Chanelfor both the premiere and photocall.

penelope cruz at venice film festival 2022