The PGA Tour is reportedly extending its ban on LIV golfers, stating in a letter that players who choose to join this Saudi-backed team "cannot and will not be renewed."

The Tour cannot sign an agreement for membership with a participant if it reasonablely anticipates that the player is not able to fulfill the obligations outlined in that agreement. 

Therefore your PGA Tour membership cannot and will not be renewed until 2022-2023 PGA Tour season.

PGA Tour Makes Official

All of this happens with the knowledge that PGA participants and players of LIV are scheduled to play against one another during the BMW PGA Championship hosted by the DP World Tour.

PGA stars like Rory McIlroy have gone on record as their opposition to LIV.

PGA Tour Makes Official Decision On Phil Mickelson

Recently, he said "I hate what it's doing to the game of golf. I hate it. I really do. Like it's going to be hard for me to stomach going to

Wentworth in a couple of weeks' time and seeing 18 of them there. That just doesn't sit right with me."