Disney has confirmed the next episode in the Pirates of the Caribbean series is in the works. The franchise also has confirmed that there is an old friend in the cast.

There have been a lot of reports regarding the possibility that Johnny Depp will return as the beloved captain Jack Sparrow;

however, the film franchise has proven that the rumors are not true. Disney confirmed it was Margot Robbie who was selected to play the main character in the upcoming film.

Producing director Jerry Bruckheimer had this to comment on the film's upcoming release: "I've very excited;

it's going to be fantastic. We're making the script. One of the first creators, Ted Elliot, is helping write the script. He is a master of characters.

Kevin McNally, who plays Joshamee Gibbs in the film, was less than enthusiastic about a Pirates of the Caribbean film which did not include Johnny Depp.

I've never seen any hint of a dark aspect of Johnny. I think he's a great human and a lovely human being. 

I see no reason not to look forward to him returning as Jack Sparrow. I believe there was a feeling that, without Jack Sparrow, there would be the absence of a Pirates franchise.

There's likely to be some truth to this. However, there are some questions regarding that, for instance,

why don't we have more Pirate films, and most importantly why don't we have Jack returning or Jack acting in a different character.