The first-round selection is also an ex- Pitt player Kenny Pickett, meanwhile, is ranked at the number. 

3 positions on the depth chart for quarterbacks of the team. The veteran Mason Rudolph is currently the team's backup quarterback.

Pickett isn't expected to play a significant role for the Steelers in the coming season. He could be studying on the sidelines, as Trubisky will likely be the main focus. 

Jerry Jones

It's also advantageous to have an experienced player in Rudolph in the event that Trubisky gets injured.

And here's QB1's position on the Steelers the initial depth chart. Mitch Trubisky speaks on another efficient 2-minute drill in the practice today,

and his increasing ties to newcomer WR Calvin Austin that led to two impressive TDs during team drills Steve Rotstein. Steve Rotstein.

Another interesting aspect of the Steeler's initial roster is the fact that wide receiver rookie George Pickens is listed 


as an active player, a testimony to his ability and commitment to the team so far during training camp.