Rachel Bilson may not remember her former lover Bill Hader but she admits that she has a particular body part from him that she'd like to see once more.

O.C. star made the NSFW joke about the loss of her ex-partner in the latest episode of her show Broad Ideas

In one segment of this show host, Tommy Dorfman asked her what she's most regretting about the affair that she had with

Hader Bilson said, "His big dick," before bursting into laughter. She then added, "We can keep that...And cut, let's get on with our lives.

Then, in April Hader told The Hollywood Reporter that he does not wish to talk about his private relationships

or living with any of the women he's been dating in order to protect his daughters. 

Rachel Bilson & Bill Hader

"They just want me to be their dad," Hader stated of his decision not to reveal personal information.