Rafael Nadal, 36, announced at a press conference in Mallorca last month that he was expecting his first child with his wife Maria Francisca Perello, 

who he affectionately calls Mery, 33. Wimbledon star previously expressed concern on having children prior to his retirement from tennis. 

But there's a problem. I assumed we would have children when I retired. He said, "But of course, I thought that at thirty I would be 'kaput,' but the career has been extending,"

he stated in an interview with Bertin Osborne, on the Spanish television program 'Mi casa es tuya".

Rafael Nadal

After Rafael and Mery announced their first child last month, this is the second time they have done so.

At the Mallorca conference, he told reporters: "If everything goes well I'm going be a dad."I don't like talking about my private life. A lower profile helps us live more peacefully.

"I don’t think that my life will be significantly altered by it." Rafael even slammed a journalist for asking him about his wife in an undiscovered interview from 2019.

After Nadal's defeat to Alexander Zverev at the ATP World Tour Finals, heated exchanges ensued.

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