In an interview with Romper Raven-Symone, a former child star spoke candidly about her journey to living life as her true self.

Raven said that she always believes her gay self saved her. Many people have asked why I wasn't like other Hollywood stars.

While I do attribute this to my parents, it could also be due to the fact that I was gay inside. That's impossible. 

Because I haven’t lived my life yet, you can’t do that. It takes courage to get out before you can do anything.

Growing up, there was no one who could sit next to me and make me feel at ease enough to be myself. 

Raven stated that the person I looked up to was the self I aspired to be in the future. So, I have had to live in the future more often than in the present.

I was the person I wanted, and I found the role models that I needed as I grew up, such as Miranda and many others in the LBGTQ+ group.

Raven, who played the role of a young psychic witch on the sitcom That’s So Raven, said that she had married 

a gay little Witch and that she also married a gay little Witch. "So, we are all in this together.

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