REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards suffered an injury that left her "limited to her bed" for the time being.

The Bravo star injured her lower back, leaving her immobile. Over the weekend, Kyle, 53, gave fans a glimpse at her setup even as on transient bed relaxation following the injury.

The Halloween star took to her Instagram Story to post a lunch tray, which had tomato soup and vegetables on it.

Her caption revealed: "I hurt my lower back and can't move." This is in which I will be for the unforeseeable future."

Kyle's feet had been covered with a blanket in the image and tv seemed in the background.

Kyle Richard

While the Real Housewives star did not reveal the cause of her injuries, she did inform fans she had a few companies.

She was also lots of entertaining. Kyle joked with fans that it was possible now no longer the "best" concept to watch Bridesmaids while not able to move.