Reese Witherspoon is opening up about her expectations in Legally Blonde 3.

Reese Witherspoon New movie

In a recent interview, the actress of 46 years gave information about the forthcoming film that's been 

in development for several years, and discussing which film has given her "a lot of ideas" for the project.

I'm still hoping Legally Blonde 3 will get together in a positive manner," Reese spoke to USA Today.

"It's similar to Top Gun: They waited for a long time to create a new version of the movie as well as I enjoyed the nostalgic piece they added to the film.

It certainly gave us lots of ideas for what we'd like to create in the future with Elle Woods and make sure that we had the keystones that mattered to the people back then,

Reese added. "I believe that they are my family and I want to protect my relationship with them. I wouldn't ever write a poor, subpar version of their tale.

The original Legally Blonde was released in 2001. The sequel Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde was released two years after.